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Enzyte Review

Enzyte is a brand of male enhancement product that is sold exclusively online and manufactured by Vianda. The official website for the brand is very detailed and describes the product as the "#1 rated male enhancement product on the market". There is little evidence to back this up however nor is there any data from independent testing that is said to have been performed on the formula. The site does include a number of helpful sections for the prospective customer including user experience stories and a lengthy FAQ. There is an explanation including diagrams to show exactly how the formula works, increasing vasodilation in the body for a strong flow of blood to the penis, however this is pretty common. The results of this is a longer, harder and more powerful erection plus an increase in sexual desire and stamina.

Enzyte is sold on the official website at a cost of $44.95 per bottle, but is offered at a discount price of $28.87 via other retailers. Additionally, customers can enjoy even greater savings when they purchase more than one bottle and all purchases have a 90-day buyer protection safeguards.

Enzyte Product Details

Enzyte supposedly contains a large amount of pharmaceutical grade ingredients, most of which are commonly use in this type of product. While the key ingredients are listed on the site, no amounts are shown. The manufacturer states that the formula is the strongest available, describing it as ‘lighter fluid’ for the libido. Among the active ingredients used in the formula, which is all natural and not likely to cause any adverse reaction, are Tongkat Ali, Maca root, Caltrops, Nettle, and Pumpkin. In terms of vasodilation, Enzyte uses Prosexual Nutrients and Ginseng, Cayenne Pepper, Muira Puama, Oyster, Boron, and Zinc.

Advantages of Enzyte

Enzyte is said to be used by adult film actors, however we have yet to find any testimonials supporting this claim. However the product's ingredients are natually sourced, and there are some customer testemonials provided on the companies website. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that bulk purchases are discounted, and detailed explinations of the effects of each ingredient are explained on the website.

Disadvantages of Enzyte

What immediatley caught our eye is the exaggerated language used on the products company website, however no clinical studies are cited. On top of that the product is rather expensive and we feel there are better and cheaper products availible that have a much stronger track record.

Enzyte: The Bottom Line

The marketing information for Enzyte certainly makes the product seem to be the best on the market but does not show proof of this in any way which may deter some consumers from buying it. However, the formula does actually contain some highly beneficial ingredients and, given there’s a 90-day buyer protection safeguards, consumers should have time to judge how well the formula works for them. This is a product that requires daily dosage (2 capsules per day), so it will become more potent over time although at most it may simply give the user more sexual stamina and temporarily improve* the quality of their erection.

User Reviews

Bill, Alaska

Do not take this on an empty stomach… Trust me…

Terry, Alabama

A boost of energy in the gym at first, then wore off pretty fast. Wouldn’t recommend to those looking for a real solution.

Alice, Florida

just worked so-so for hubby. He didn't feel a whole lot different.

Bill, Washington

So i've been hearing about this one from a few friends and decided to do some research. After reading some positive reviews i gave it a shot. I can tell you personally; This one is NOT WORTH THE MONEY.

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